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Introductory Level to Dangerous Goods Storage, Handling & Transport Workshop – AM Half Day, Apr 2, 2014

2 April 2014 @ 8:45 am - 12:30 pm


SUMMARY  –  Please scroll down for Program


Presented by the
Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)



The Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN) has developed the Introductory Level to Dangerous Goods Storage, Handling and Transport Worksop to bring you up to speed with Dangerous Goods laws and requirements in Victoria. 

As each state has different Dangerous Goods laws and requirements, this Workshop will provide information regarding the Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7 (ADG7); the 9 Classes of Dangerous Goods; Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS); Globally Harmonised System, discuss the new Code of Practice, and much more.  The Workshop is designed for personnel who have a basic and general understanding of the storage, handling and transport of Dangerous Goods in Victoria.

Please note:  Organisations have an obligation to ensure they are up to date and compliant with dangerous goods laws, including any changes, and that staff receive appropriate training.  The AEBN recommends that staff receive refresher training every 2 to 3 years, and certainly when changes are introduced.



  • An overview of the Dangerous Goods (Storage & Handling) Regulations 2012
  • Australian Dangerous Goods Code 7th (ADG7) Edition
  • Comparison of the Dangerous Goods labeling with Globally Harmonised System (GHS) labeling
  • Chain of responsibility and safety obligations for manufacturers, occupiers, loaders, transferors, etc.
  • Understanding the terminology – (Proper Shipping Name, Class, Subsidiary Risk, Packing Group, UN Number, HAZCHEM Code and much more)
  • 9 Classes of Dangerous Goods from ADG7
  • Classification of Dangerous Goods
  • Incompatibilities and their hazards
  • Changes to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Code of Practice
  • Sources of information.  

Please note:

  • It is highly recommended that delegates that wish to attend the Intermediate Level to Dangerous Goods Storage, Handling and Transport Workshop (that follows immediately after the Introductory Level Workshop) are to have a sound understanding of the details covered in the Introductory Level Workshop that includes the 9 Classes of Dangerous Goods from ADG7 and the Globally Harmonisation System (GHS) and much more.  
  • The Victorian Workshop will cover the Federal and Victorian laws and requirements. The NSW Workshop will cover the Federal and NSW laws and requirements. 



John Manning, National Dangerous Goods Specialist, Australian Environment Business Network (AEBN)®

John is AEBN’s dangerous goods expert.  He has a wealth of experience and knowledge that spans well over 30 years in dangerous goods, hazardous substances, risk assessments and management, Emergency Response, Safety Data Sheets (SDSs), training, auditing and consultancy, in particular, within the Australian and Asia Pacific Region’s chemical, plastics, mining, textiles, food and agricultural sectors. 



The workshop will provide the opportunity to network with delegates and presenters during AEBN’s Networking Morning Tea.  A comprehensive set of course notes will be provided to all delegates. 

For delegates attending the Intermediate Level Workshop immediately after the Introductory Level Workshop, lunch will be provided for you.



2 April 2014
8:45 am - 12:30 pm